Test Post Please Ignore

If you're seeing this post then that means the blog is working. I'll have a lot more (hopefully) great content coming soon. Just hold on.

Just so this post has a bit of actual content. Here's an image of my old website. It was littered with typos and dead links that I didn't notice for 2 years since I never really updated it. OLD HOMEPAGE

And here's an image of the updated homepage. Looks a lot nicer. Lower quantity but higher quality projects. A unified layout across all my subpages. An integrated blog. NEW HOMEPAGE

I've also set up sub-repositories for webapps that were originally built in this repo and redirect to those sub pages from the original links. For example the old link preethamrn.com/algtrainer redirects to https://www.preethamrn.com/cubing/algtrainer

This helps reduce the package size of the main homepage and blog posts. I'll probably write up more about how I accomplished this later (for a hint, go to the redirects directory in my repo).

A few things that I'm planning on doing is adding tags to all my posts, a comments section, better citation support1, smaller image sizes, and recommended posts. Hopefully I'll have all this set up before writing my first proper blog post.

In the meantime, consider following my RSS feed here.


  1. Looks like this is working now!