Pokemon Dens Logo

An interactive webapp for visualizing the Pokemon Sword and Shield wild area. Supports searching for Pokemon and Berries and hovering over den locations.

CubersLive Logo

A cloud based Rubik's cube timer that allows multiple users to solve the same scramble simultaneously. This enables cubers to finally race each other online in real-time.

Twisty Puzzle Cup Logo

A Live streamed online Rubik's cube competition featuring a 64 competitor bracket, competiting in multiple events over 3 weeks.

Cubing AlgTrainer Logo

A algorithm trainer used by speed cubers to practice algorithms by syncing to a bluetooth cube.

Scott Simulator Logo

A WebGL game similar to The Stanley Parable set in UCLA where you play as our professor - Scott. Earned the most impressive project and 2nd most favorite out of 27.

Bruin Menu Logo

An Android application that displays the daily menus of all the UCLA dining halls, shows nutritional data of food, and keeps track of favorites and swipes remaining.


My first C++ project (built in 11th grade). A Multiplayer Desktop game similar to Bomberman with Capture the Flag and Zombies gamemodes added. Save settings locally using file I/O. Supports up to 4 players.